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Have You Been Charged with or Arrested for a Criminal Offense?

Have you been charged with a crime such as domestic violence, spousal abuse or child molestation? Perhaps you have been charged with drunk driving (DUI) and are facing possible DMV action, or drug charges, or even other crimes such as shoplifting, theft, fraud or embezzlement?

No Matter What Charges You Are Facing, You Need the Advice and Support of an Effective and Professional Attorney

You have the constitutional right to mount a vigorous defense, and you are entitled to the very best criminal defense lawyer available to assist you in resolving your case. Call on Kathryn Dickson Fontaine Attorney At Law to guide you through the criminal court system and provide personal, professional representation. I handle felonies and misdemeanors.
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Protecting Your Rights and Your Reputation

You are a responsible person, and I’m sure you are respected by family and friends alike. Now, you have made a mistake and find yourself caught up in the criminal justice system, and you need a criminal defense attorney to help you protect your reputation and resolve your court issues.

Committed to Protecting Your Privacy

GavelI am committed to protecting your privacy and to restoring the good reputation that you cherish, but if you don’t call, I can’t help. So contact me today for your free and confidential initial telephone consultation!
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Professional and Confidential Representation of Sensitive and Difficult Cases

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